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Thanks to Lightroom’s biggest upgrade in over a decade, we’ve unlocked a new world of color. Allow us to introduce our profiles, the presets of the future!

Since 2006, all presets have been created from the same limited color spectrum offered by Lightroom. That’s over 14 years of the same out-dated colors and tools! Thanks to recent advancements, Lightroom is now compatible with 3D lookup tables; the very same innovative technology used in professional cinema grading tools. The outcome is an unparalleled range of color and tonality that’s never been possible, until now!

Our profiles take advantage of this new technology to provide groundbreaking editing formulas. With full command of all Lightroom sliders for controllable intensity and complex adjustments, they provide photographers with the capability to process images with newfound precision and accuracy. Once you begin using your Color Foundry profiles, you’ll wonder how you ever edited without them!

Absolutely! Ease of use was a top priority in the creation of our profiles, even for beginners. For familiarity, each Color Foundry profile has been linked to a preset in Lightroom. This means they will appear in the preset panel of your Lightroom interface and automatically apply the corresponding profile (magic formula) in just one click.

Yes! While our Chroma profiles were created by film photographers, they were designed for anyone who wishes to uncover exceptional color, accurate tone, and a refreshing new editing technique. We’ve received glowing feedback from hybrid photographers about Chroma’s ability to match their RAW files with film scans, as well as digital shooters excited about producing luminous results with newfound color!

Yes! Our profiles are designed to be most effective on RAW images, however, they work well on JPEG files also. We recommend experimenting with the intensity of your profile by adjusting with the opacity slider to discover your own favorite formula for JPEG files!

Upon purchasing one of our profile collections, you will receive an informative video with step-by-step instructions on how to install your new editing formulas. In addition, we’ll also send a video tutorial on how to apply the profiles to your files for image alchemy!

Yes, all of our profiles are compatible with LR Mobile for editing on the go! You will need to first install the profiles on Lightroom Creative Cloud and be sure to link your account.

Our profiles work with Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3 and newer, Lightroom CC 1.3 and newer, and Photoshop (Adobe Camera Raw) 10.3 and newer. Color Foundry profiles can also be synced to the Lightroom Mobile app through your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Absolutely! Our profile technology is about bringing color to life regardless of the equipment you’re using. We have been able to achieve new levels of accuracy throughout all camera systems because of how our profiles have been created.

Yes! All Color Foundry profiles are compatible with Photoshop (Adobe Camera Raw) 10.3 or later.

Not to worry - the magic is still there! One of the Foundry Perks is access to all your files using your own personal customer account, which you’ll be prompted to create after purchasing any of our formulas. If you ever lose your profiles, simply login to your account to download them again.

Due to the nature of downloadable products, all sales are final and we are unable to offer refunds or returns. Our step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the CF profiles should be referred to for best results. In addition, the Color Foundry Forum on Facebook is a great resource for advice as well as troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

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